Haiti is HOT!   But the SON is shining, so all is good!   God has blessed already on the pre-trip.   I was able to solidify an important partnership with Samaritan’s Purse.    CPR-3 is an official partner.   We now have access to receive shelters from them to erect for families affected by the earthquake.   Tomorrow I have hired 5 Haitians who will receive the Samaritan Purse training and will be ‘foremen’ for the jobs.    Our teams will hire Haitians to put the shelters up and we will assist them!

We have arranged our nursing staff to give complete physicals to all the children in 2 orphanages, to set up a ‘raw’ clinic in a village that is very poor, and to work at Mission of Hope the Hospital in the region just north of Port au Prince.

Our construction teams will build a school house for the same poor village that has NO school currently.    They will also build on to the homes we are building to house future teams.

Tomorrow we pick up our first team member and then the fun begins!    Pray that God will give wisdom and discernment and arrange the exact plan for us that He desires!

More to come!   Check out the pics on my facebook!   http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=187856&id=627501641&l=b4aa161a75