The devastating earthquake in Haiti provides a peak into the progress made in mission work in Haiti.  In the past Haiti had become dependent on the generosity of people from the ‘outside.’  Books like Toxic Charity and When Helping Hurts characterized the state of mission in Haiti.

TODAY, I am so proud of our Haitian Pastors and Churches.   Although Haiti once again is in a ‘relief phase’ due another catastrophe, the church is being mobilized and this time the mobilization is Haitian Church to Haitian Church.

We have 6 Haitian Churches who are mobilizing their congregations to be on mission and they will travel and build relationship with a Pastor and the members of a church who was devastated by the earthquake.   A Church building will be constructed, shelter and simple provisions will be made available.  Long term relationship will be established.

After the relief, these 6 Churches plus a Haitian movement from The Fraternity of Charis Haiti will work to organize a unified effort to provide free training in Purpose Driven Essentials and The PEACE Plan, to mobilize every member to be on mission, hoping to spread the Gospel throughout the entire nation of Haiti.  All ‘through’ the local Haitian Church community.

We applaud the efforts of our Haitian Churches and leaders.

Well done!   We love you, we are praying for you and we stand together with you.

IF you are looking for a worthy cause to provide ‘relief’ assistance to, please reach out and I will be happy to direct you to the proper source depending on where you would like to direct your funding.  At this point there seems to be 3 main opportunities:

  1. Church 2 Church Relationship and Restoration Projects (6 at the moment) – Breathe Partners. https://breathepartners.com/give/
  2. Medical and Personal Assistance – Three Strands and Carribean Vision Ministries. https://www.aplos.com/aws/give/CaribbeanVisionMinistries
  3. Personal Relief Efforts – Significance of One https://www.significanceofone.org/donate

All 3 of these groups can be trusted and will work through Haitian Churches.

We are praying for a mighty work of God even more powerful than this last earthquake.

After the Earthquake Relief we are excited to provide the following training to all Churches in Haiti.  Thank you to Pastor’s Moise, Samedy, Jackson, Chelo, Montinat, Dumont, Elysee, Luc, and Desire.  We are all cheering you on and standing with you and praying for your leadership.

In the name of PEACE,

Dan O’Deens

Haiti PEACE Plan



The mission of every church is the global glory of God.  What can we do to mobilize our members to solve the problems that exist in our community? LEARN MORE:   www.thepeaceplan.com

The Roadmap To P.E.A.C.E. – The Dual Track

The PEACE Plan works through the local church by mobilizing ordinary members to be on mission in their community.  The Lead/Senior Pastors will train/coach for Purpose Driven Essentials and Church health.  The mission/PEACE Leader will train/coach PEACE implementation for every member.

PURPOSE Track (Step 1 /Foundations –  PEACE Leader Training)

Train and Coach through the Purpose Driven Essentials. (8 Sessions) – Senior Pastors

  • 1 Building Your Church With Purpose

Establishing a Foundation for Growth

  • 2 Targeting Your Community For Evangelism

Learning To Fish For Souls Like Jesus

  • 3 Attracting and Keeping A Crowd

How To Design Services That Attract The Non-Churched

  • 4 Building Your Congregation

Turning Attenders Into Members

  • 5 Developing Mature Members

Moving People From The Congregation To Committed

  • 6 Empowering Your Core Ministry

How To Turn Every Member Into A Minister

  • 7 Commissioning Your Congregation

Every Member On Mission – The PEACE Plan…Evangelism

  • 8 Authentic Leadership

The Type Of Leader God Uses

The PURPOSE Track Checklist

  • Identify the 5 Purpose Leaders
    • Fellowship Leader:
    • Discipleship/Small Group Leader:
    • Ministry/SHAPE Leader:
    • Mission/PEACE Leader:
    • Worship Leader:
  • Create and Implement CLASS / Intentional Discipleship Process – “The Disciples Journey”
  • H.A.P.E. Analysis for every member to learn their unique shape for ministry
  • Introduction to PEACE Course
  • Identify 3-12 Churches in your City that you will Train (repeat the process)
  • Register Leaders in the Online Training Website. thepeaceplan.com
  • Register Pastor and Leaders in the PEACE App (Android) (optional but suggested)

PEACE TRACK (PEACE Leader Training)

The PEACE Track Checklist

  • Train and Coach PEACE Leaders and Team through Vision Uniqueness
    • One Thought – One Action
    • Moving at the speed of implementation and relationship
    • The PEACE Roadmap for Dual Track to Purpose and Mission
  • Identify members with the SHAPE for Mission
  • PEACE Leader Training (One Thought – One Action)
  • Community Assessment Survey to Identify the giants in your local community
  • Identify the 1st giant problem in your community and mobilize your members
  • Slay a giant in your local community for each letter of PEACE.
  • Train and coach leader for PEACE/Skills (P.E.A.C.E.)
  • Train every member to Love Their Neighbor…Evangelism
  • Implement plan to mobilize every member to be on mission in your PEACE initiatives
  • Register leaders in the Online Training Website. thepeaceplan.com
  • Plan for measuring outcomes and reporting and celebrating progress
  • Plan to multiply and do it all over again, training the next wave of churches and leaders
  • 6 Phases of a Nationwide movement (preparation, penetration, concentration, expansion, saturation, continuation)