Have you ever wondered if you could make a difference in the WORLD?   Have you ever thought you were too small?  A Nobody?  Too little to make a difference.   If that is your thought, you should remember this African proverb:  ” If you think you are too small to make a difference, then go to be in a closed room with just one mosquito in it.”

So, I just returned from Haiti.   What a great place to care for the needy and the overlooked.    The NEED is simply ENORMOUS.   The days are HOTTER than Haiti!   It gets dark pretty quick!  I am ready for bed early than what is my normally early bed time!

The Haiti Orphan Children Choir in the night time devotional worships their God and is a natural lullaby!   I get ‘partially’ undressed and lay down, silly me….where is my mosquito net when I need it?   I lay down….bzzzzz…………bzzzzzzzz…swat, ……..swat………. dag nab it, I keep missin!   ….hmmmmn….not sure if I got him or if he multiplied?     I think mosquito’s give birth exponentially to flaming hungry, blood sucking, sharp stinging, super annoying ‘baby’ mosquito’s in the middle of the night, and I think all of those mother’s are due to give birth on the nights that I choose to go to Haiti, or go camping.

YES!  One mosquito makes a difference AND SO WILL YOU!    God will take all that you are and all that you have like the boy and the loaves of fish and multiply your efforts beyond what you can imagine!

But first, you have to be obedient and GO!       More in coming days of the need and opportunity in Haiti.

Sign up today.   First trips start on July 30 and go through the first 3 weeks of August!    Go to:  www.cpr-3.com     Sign up and make a WORLD of DIFFERENCE!