Imagine any and every field possible. There are so many brands, so many choices, so many claims, so much clutter, that the central challenge  for an organization, a church or an individual is to rise above the fray. It’s not good enough anymore to be “pretty good” at everything. You have to at least be in the pursuit of ‘greatness.’: great in the arena of excellence, great in the arena of creativity, great in the arena of perception and responsiveness, great in the arena of accessibility.  Certainly ‘GREAT’ at the ‘Great Commission and the Great Commandment.’  The problem is that we have become merely good at what we should be striving for…greatness.

For decades, organizations, churches and their leaders have been comfortable with strategies and practices that kept them in the middle of the road. The middle in not hot, nor is it cold.  It is ‘lukewarm’ and according to Scripture, God is not pleased with lukewarm mediocrity.   We need to step it up!

There is plenty of opportunity for greatness, for God is BIG and cannot be contained.  We don’t have to ‘control it’ because God is in control and it is for His glory that we are doing it in the first place.   We need more GREAT organizations, more GREAT churches and more GREAT individuals.   The definition of insanity is doing what we have always done and thinking the outcomes will change, when we are unwilling to change our systems, strategies and structures to make room for Greatness.  The outcome of that resistance is mediocrity.   Are we pursuing ‘greatness in anything?

Just some ramblings, from one who admittedly is ‘righteously radical’!