Good Friday!  Not everything good starts with a party.   Unless the seed falls into the ground and dies, there can be no life.  No fruit.

Unless the Son of Man be lifted up, there can be no spiritual life.  Father….IF…there is any other way….let this cup pass from me!   There was no other way.  Our GOOD FATHER knows best.  Sometimes our best path is through a cross.

Our enemy thought he was the victor.  Little did he know that when Jesus was laid on a cross and nails pounded in his hands and feet then lifted up and rammed into the ground, the most glorious day would be realized.  The cross with the Son of God bloodied from His wounds was lifted up.   As the serpent in the wilderness was lifted up, even so must the Son of man be lifted up.

The Father’s longing for relationship with his prize creation, humanity could only be realized by the spilt blood of the perfect Lamb of God.  Jesus was that sacrifice.   He had something worth dying for and that something is a someone… it is you and I.  Because of the cross.  Because of Good Friday, we can have life.

But, in order to have life, you have to die.  You have to die to self.  You have to Trust in the person who gave His life on that cross.  His name is Jesus.  Do you know Him?   He loves you so much.

A gift was sent down on that glorious Christmas day.  That gift laid out for all to see on this Good Friday.   Soon that gift will be laid in a box and all wrapped up.  In three days…that gift will be opened up.  A tomb cannot contain Him.  Death cannot hold Him.  He is LIFE.  I invite you to BREATHE that LIFE.   He created you to Breathe Life and Hope into you.   Will you share that same Hope with someone this Easter Season?  What a great opportunity to do life with a family of believers, why not consider a church service this Easter weekend.