When is there a better time than NOW?   This year I have been reading through the Bible.  I just finished the book of Esther.  This is not only one hot babe of a lady.  The Bible tells us that she was a head turner for those of you that did not appreciate my remark of a ‘hot babe.”   But this classy lady was much more than her looks.  She used her looks but she also used her brain and then added a HUGE dose of ‘intestinal fortitude.’  (GUTS).  She leveraged everything that she was and everything that her God gave her to literally save her people from total destruction.   Is God asking you to step up this coming school year?  There is no time better than NOW.  Tomorrow NEVER comes.  Yesterday is HISTORY.  TODAY is the only day that matters!   Now is your time.  STEP UP.  For Such A Time As This!