WHAT ARE YOU FOCUSING ON?  I am so glad that in Christ we don’t just ‘turn over a new leaf.’  We get a BRAND NEW start.  You have to love ‘do-overs’ and mulligans.

Too often we spend our time totally defeated over the past.   God is more interested in where you are going than where you have been.

Struggling with a Sin?  …or a WEIGHT that seems to heavy to bear?

Imagine two fierce wolves who are starving for your attention.  They are startving, the will do anything for a meal of satisfaction.  The devil wolf on your left should whispering his ways into your ear.  The Spirit of God wolf whispering His way into your ear.  Which wolf will be fed?  Which voice/howl will be followed?   The answer:  Whichever one you feed the most!

Build on the FUTURE.  Focus on your Strengths! BUILD on the NEW, let go of the OLD!

Old things are past away…behold…ALL things are made NEW!

secret of change