So…I am driving down the street this morning…and most often I am not a patient man…especially behind every school bus that stops.   What an inconvenience.  But, this morning was different.  I was driving down Route 10 which is a main and very busy highway. 


I was so captured as I watched a Father take both of his kids by the hand, looked both ways, then properly escorted them to the front of the bus.  He made eye contact with the driver assuring his kids safety then ran back across the road. 


What a great picture!  A dad, who has takes time to see his kids off in the morning and then provides for them an arm of safety.  


I am equally glad that I have a heavenly Father that waits each morning to spend time with me each day and then provides that same safety as I walk through life!  


You can have that too!  Do you know Jesus in a personal way?   If you accept Jesus, you get the Father!   It’s a package deal!   It just might be the best deal of your life!