I am one that believes strongly that the Word of God is the standard that God has given to us to flesh out real life in relationship to Him and to others.  We are FLESH and that written Word needs to be fleshed out, so the world can be exposed to the Light of His Word “living” through me.  As we do the work of ‘rightly dividing the Word of Truth,” I would highly suggest that we have an equally strong responsibility to exegete the culture in which we live.  Relevance is not the sole issue, but is one part of the equation giving us the right to speak intelligently into our culture.  Relevance is not about being “cool” it is one of ‘connections’ that put us in touch with ‘real’ people.  In the context of those real relationships, we now have greater opportunities to win our world for Jesus.   When I exegete the Word and the Culture, I am both ready to give an answer and I have actually built relationships with people whereby I can give the answers THEY are searching for.  I wonder if we are too busy answering all the questions that no one is asking…at least not people who are far from Jesus.  More on Exegeting the Bible and Culture.[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKbSfxEdwW4]