It’s such a dark and eerie day.  The forecast is predicting a fierce storm and earthquake.  Today, the one I have become so fond of, the one who chose to move into my neighborhood is stumbling as he takes his last steps carrying what would actually become the weight of the sin of the whole world upon his shoulders.


It was an old rugged cross, nothing like the piece of jewelry some would wear.  It would soon be stained with the very blood of the Son of the Most High.  Without the shedding of this blood there would be no forgiveness of sin.  Only true love would demonstrate such a display of sacrifice.  He laid down His life, so that you and I could have life.   He breathed His last so that I could breathe my first.


The enemy thought he had won.  The mistake…He lifted the cross.  Even so, must the Son of Man be lifted up.  Look to the man that was once on that cross and had to endure that cross.  Know well that every vision is taken into a valley and it is there so many faint and give way.   Walk through the valley of the shadow of death, fear no evil, the Father is holding your right hand saying, fear not, I will help you.  Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus who in three days will not be on the cross, nor held captive by a tomb, but will be risen and walking again with you my friend.


God’s plan is revealed today.   Don’t focus on the pain or the valley.  Death could not hold him.  Death was arrested.  Death was defeated.  The victory is ours because Jesus endured the cross.


Jesus was crucified before the world was spoke into order. God carefully and intentionally planned every moment of history necessary to lead Him to the Cross.  Jesus laid His life down and gave up His will for the sake of His Father and born out of his love for you.  The Father lead Him to the cross and then to the grave…but in three days…just three days.  RISEN.   The bruise on the heal would deal the final blow.  The great enemy, Satan himself will now have his head crushed.   The greatest April fools.  He is not dead, He is alive.


Like a page from Beauty and the Beast, true love does not hold captive the object of its love.  Go to him then…the Beast releases Belle.   Go to them then…the Father releases His one and only Son.  Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.  I can say that because I now know what you are about to do.  The sky became black.  The earth shook and the very breath that spoke the world into order was sucked out of Love Himself.  BUT GOD!  But God demonstrated His love toward us even when we were in the midst of our worst sin…Christ died for us.


Don’t think God has lost the plot on your story, either.  He created you to Breathe.  Today….Breathe Life and Hope Into Your World!    Take a moment to invite the ones you love into God’s plan for the ages…His Church.   Introduce your friends to the Friend who sticks closer than a brother, the One who gave up His life so they could have life.  Introduce them to His body, the Church, a body of believers broken like the one on the cross,  now living life on life, life in community and life on mission.


BREATHE!  Happy Good Friday.   It’s Friday…but Sunday is Coming!