Last night our church Elder team, took a night off from business as usual and took in a Sixers and Cavs game.   I think most of our guys were rooting for the home team.  Well, being from Cleveland and a big Lebron James fan….I was rooting for the Cavs. 

The game had a contraversial but classic finish.  The last two minutes were trading baskets.  With .09 left on the clock…Cleveland down by 1, pass the ball in, a drive to the hoop, the shot is missed…the place goes wild….Sixers…WIN!  The sixers already in the locker room celebrating their win.  Meanwhile, the refs had blown a foul on the play and wanted to look at a replay to make sure they got the call right.   They send word to both teams.  The game is NOT over.  Two free throws are awarded to the Cavs.  He sinks them both.  Cavs win 91 to 90. 

I cannot help but think…just a few days ago we celebrated April fools.   The greatest April fools was played on Satan.  In fact it was prophetic.  Genesis says, Satan will bruise the heel of Jesus, (he did that at Calvary), he went into the locker room celebrating the day prematurely.  The game was not over…Jesus was raised from the dead and delivers a crushing blow to the enemy.  Jesus wins!  

All of us who line up on Jesus’ side.  WE WIN!   The Battle is OURS!  The VICTORY IS OURS!

Way to go Jesus!  Way to go, all those who line up on Jesus’ side!  Way to go CAVS!  Home Court advantage is now yours.   Believers…you too have home court advantage all the way through the playoffs!   Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world!