The essence of prayer does not consist in asking God for something but in opening our hearts to God, in speaking with Him, and living with Him in perpetual communion. Prayer is continual abandonment to God. Prayer does not mean asking God for all kinds of things we want; it is rather the desire for God Himself, the only Giver of Life, Prayer is not asking, but union with God. Prayer is not a painful effort to gain from God help in the varying needs of our lives. Prayer is the desire to possess God Himself, the Source of all life. The true spirit of prayer does not consist in asking for blessings, but in receiving Him who is the giver of all blessings, and in living a life of fellowship with Him.

The reason prayer is so difficult to sustain, is that it’s very essence is defined by the reality of our total dependency on a God who is above us.   To recognize and experience true communion and a ‘pray without ceasing’ lifestyle requires daily death to self and making sure that God has first place on my agenda from the rising of the sun to the going down of the same.

I want 2010 to be marked by PRAYER!  Less of me and more of Him!