by Dan O’Deens

Created To Breathe Life

We were spoken and shaped into existence and created on purpose to walk with God.  He desired fellowship with us and with one another. He is a Father who longs to simply be present with us and He takes delight when we love him and love our neighbor as ourselves.  We get so bogged down in the human ‘doing’ thing that we forget He created us to ‘enjoy’ the life He gave us.


Created For More

We were created for more…way more!  We were not created for earth, but for eternity. God created us with ‘eternity’ in our hearts.  This world is not our home, it is our residence to accomplish His purpose in our generation by living in community and demonstrating the Love of God to mankind, by acquiring habits to be mature and complete in Christ, by serving, by sharing the greatest gift, the gospel, with those who have no relationship with God or opportunity for ‘life everlasting’ and by worshipping Him in word and deed.


Take time today to BREATHE.  Breathe ‘in’ His mercies for they are new every morning and He is faithful.  Bask in His grace for He cannot be emptied of this gift.  Lavish in His LOVE…Be WITH HIM today…for HE IS LOVE!  Now….Breathe Out!   Share that love with whoever the Lord puts in your path today!


You have nothing to live for if you have nothing to die for.  Are you living for the ‘American Dream’ or for the ‘eternity’ that God has designed and prepared for you?   Only two things that will last ‘forever’ the Word of God (written and living) and people.  We would do well to invest in both.