As people we tend to reside in certain ‘spaces.’   In the work force we greet one another at the business convention and the question is asked, “What space do you work in?”   As CPR-3 has grown our leadership team has had to define those spaces.   We also had to decide what kind of people we desired to move into our space.   What kind of family and neighborhood would we want to create?

Our new Director of Operations is at a breakfast for NOW generation leaders with me.   I am asked to address the group.   His eyes pop out as I begin my talk.   Quickly his eyes are on all of the students/young people to capture their reaction.   Later, he tells me, “dude, that was so gutsy.   You nailed them to the wall…but they received it.”

My talk was direct and to the point.   I said, “First, I want to apologize to you on behalf of my generation.  We dropped the ball.  We did not care at all about social injustice.  We cared about the ‘golden ticket’ to heaven and the ‘gospel’ that was reduced to a canned talk and a prayer that we called ‘evangelism.’  Second, THANK YOU for picking up the ball and addressing the harsh realities of the numerous social injustices that are prevalent in our world today.   BUT…before you get to high on your horse…before you get to cocky…there is a reason that you want to give to these causes.   ‘You are the most selfish generation that has ever existed on this planet.   You have everything that you need and most things that you want and this is your only way to feel good about yourself.   It is your outlet to ‘feel good.’   That too can be dangerous.

Together we unpacked what it means to give your life away to something that outlasts it with proper motivation.

CPR-3 has the privilege of being in Haiti.  There are too many social injustices there to identify.   The country is dark spiritually.  They suffer from ‘trust deficit.’   They need Hope…they need JESUS.   They need our presence.

CPR-3 has created the perfect program and we invite you to apply and be a part of two exciting programs.

1.  Compassion Corp   CC is similar to ‘Americorp’.   It is for those NOW generation leaders who want to live in a certain ‘space’ for a while helping undo social injustices in the poorest country in the world.   Young leaders who have just graduated from college or those looking for this sort of opportunity can apply.   It will provide that ‘outlet’ to serve well before you get into the professional space where you might not be able to ever give this amount of time again.  It also serves as a testing ground for those considering Missions occupationally.   The program has 3 opportunities.   You can choose a 3, 6 or 12 month track.    SIGN UP TODAY.

2.  CIT   Compassion Corp in Training.   This is for High School Juniors and Seniors who want to give up their month of JUNE and help our Movement Team on the ground as we serve 150-200 team members who come on mission to Haiti in that month.   It is leadership and justice and a great experience all packed into one amazing month.   We have 6 opening each summer for this great program.

CPR-3 believes in the YOUNG.  They are our leaders.   We hope our “space” is saturated with young people and that you take over our neighborhood.   We invite you.  We want YOU!