I have a friend…name…not mentioned…but he is a great friend.  We meet every Friday.  He is a Pastor and Church planter.   He is always razzing me about not being faithful to my Blog, my E-Mail, my Facebook, my MySpace;  my Twitter.   (Some of you are clueless to what Twitter is…as I was until my good friend turned me on to it!)   

So here goes.  I am updating.   Are you reading it.   You see I got very few responses…So is it worth it?  Are you reading this?  PROVE IT!  :)  

Is is possible to be overconnected?   Well…actually I am so impressed with new technology and our ability to connect with anyone, anywhere at anytime.  Pretty Cool huh?

Hmmmm…did you know that from that moment you gave your life to Jesus.  You had 24/7 access to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords?   Are you online with Him?   

Gotta Run.  My Twitter needs updated!