dano water challenge reverse

Has this Cold Water Challenge gone viral? I have to say, I don’t get it. I REBEL and not because I am afraid of a seriously ‘short term’ experience of convenience so that you can keep your money in your pocket rather than bless the charity of your choice. THEREFORE:



Who wins if we jump into cold water? I choose NOT to jump in. I choose to donate my $100 to CPR-3 and to their GAVEWATERDIDGOOD campaign. To ‘jump in’ is the WRONG choice….make the plunge and send your $100 gavewaterdidgood and you will provide 8 children WATER for an entire year.


I challenge you to reverse you cold water experience and give the $100 to provide clean water to 8 children for one full year! Here is my $100! Ahhhh Total Refreshment!

Pass it on to all you #coldwaterchallenge people.dano water 2