March 10, 2024

“Breathe Life” is my mantra.  If you hang with me for any length of time or follow me on social media you will hear phrases like; ‘Breathing Life and Hope Into The World’ and ‘Breathing Life Today Brings a Beautiful Future Tomorrow.’  37 is my number.   In Ezekiel 37 we see that God would take ‘dry and dead bones’ and breathe his life into them and a vast army came to life.  In Psalm 37 the psalmist tells us to “Trust God and Do Good.”  Today is a good day to do good.  Galatians 6:10 is so inspirational to me.  “Whenever we have the opportunity, we should do good to everyone.”   2024 marks “37 Years” of ‘full time’ ministry.   God is not finished with us! (or you!).  Now Is The Time!

C.T. Studd said, “Some want to live within the sound of a church or chapel bell;  I want to run a rescue shop, within a yard of hell.”

My desire and shape is to be a missionary and church planter and to give my life for those who have not yet found life in Jesus.  In this next season I need your prayers and support.  Who would have thought that God would ask a 61 year old man to be a church planter again?   Comfort is not an option for me.  I cannot settle.  People are perishing.  I am setting out to sail the torrential seas of life to rescue the perishing.  Will you pray with us and continue to support us, asking for God to Breathe his fresh wind into our sail?


On the weekend of February 24 and 25 God orchestrated a ‘twin’ miracle.  We scatter the seed (of Jesus) and we work hard to water that seed and to prepare the soil.  But ONLY GOD can breathe life.

I love the concept of ‘old wineskin’ and ‘new wineskin.’   Both are amazing.

  1. New Wineskin – For 3 years we have been piloting Breathe Communities (microchurches). Our desire is to ‘incarnate’ and ‘go’ to people where they are.  We will plant many microchurches, but on February 24th we launched our first Breathe Community at the Bridgeway House, with a group of men in women in recovery from alcohol and drug addictions.  This Church plant is now birthed and we meet in the ‘barn at bridgeway’ on Saturday mornings from 9am -10:15 am.   We are launching 2 more churches the week following Easter of 2024.  On Feb 24, 7 men gave their lives to Jesus, On March 9, 2 more men gave their lives to Jesus.
  2. Old Wineskin – On February 25, a small group of faithful believers who have labored well for the Gospel called me to be their Pastor. This is a ‘traditional’ Church willing to embrace a growth strategy that brings new life to a ‘traditional’ model of Church while embracing a ‘new wineskin’ approach to reach their communities.

In this next season I will have the opportunity to provide leadership and shepherd a Church family that is looking to be ‘rebirthed’ and desperate for a breath of ‘fresh air’ from the God who is ready to provide that life again.   I am believing that God will bless this Church and that we will start many ‘microchurches’ as we ‘move into the neighborhood’ and build relationships with people where they do life.

We are Church Planter’s again!   We need your prayers and support.  Perhaps you are looking to impact your world and you would like to come and be a part of these new church plants.

God is faithful.   He has provided 7 acres of land and 2 nice buildings on that property and they are paid for in full.  The sacrifices of the faithful few have paved the way for what God wants to do in the future.  The property and the buildings are not the Church.  Those who follow Jesus are the people of God and we are His Church.

Hey friend…might God be calling you to help rebirth this Church and to see many microchurches begin?   Planting is never about comfort.  It will require sacrifice and sweat…we will plant the seed of Jesus and we will scatter it broadly.  We will water that seed and work hard to prepare the soil and ask God to breathe his life into our labor.  It is going to be super rewarding.

All we need is ‘you.’  We are looking for Jesus follower’s who are ready to make disciples who will make disciples.  We need children’s workers, instrumentalists, vocalists, tech people, social media people and people who care deeply about people who live in the margins of life and desperately need Jesus.   We need people who are no longer looking to simply ‘go to church’ but who are ready to ‘be the church.’

Let’s MOBILIZE together.  Let’s breathe His life into our world believing that Jesus will again make dead bones live again!  Reach out!  Come join us at the church that is called ‘the light of life community church’ at 1920 E. Kings Hwy in Thorndale, PA, and experience the birth of many ‘Breathe Communities’ as we see His church multiplied.

Our Mission:  A network of reproducing disciples and microchurches that seeks to saturate our communities with beauty, justice and the good news of Jesus so that every woman, man, girl and boy can hear, see and experience the love of Jesus.

In a hurting and broken world, Jesus is inviting us closer:

//  closer to Jesus                                (Worship)

//  closer to Each Other                      (Community)

//  closer to the World He Loves       (Mission)

Currently our status is ‘bi-vocational’ / part time because there are not enough people or resources to pay for a full time pastor.  We are trusting the Lord.  If you would like to support us for the next 3 years until we get this Church off the ground, we would be grateful.

If you would like to learn more about how you can be a part of this exciting journey, please reach out.  You can contact me at dano@breathepartners.com    I will follow up!  Let’s have coffee!

Join us at 10:30am at 1920 E. Kings Hwy, Thorndale, PA

Breathing Life,

Dan and Gay O’Deens