_80_100_Book.76.coverVernon M. Whaley has nailed it!   What a fantastic theology for those who love worship.   Vernon covers how worship applies to the believe and the one who has not yet believed.

He walks us through the pages of Scripture from cover to cover unveiling this God who longs to have relationship with His creation.  It is a manual on how to be a better worshipper.   It is a resource to help us see how others have worshipped.   All of us are here to worship!

The impact of this book has the potential to move the church from being self-centered, to being Christ-centered.  To be effective worshippers corporately, we must engage in personal worship on a daily basis.

It is always a pleasant journey to walk through the pages of Scripture, but to do so while focussing on the sole purpose of life, to ascribe to Him worth, was simply amazing.

You will be a more informed and deeper worshipper when you read this theology of WORSHIP!   A must read for all who want to be Worshippers!