dan o’deens – 1.29.2021

I will touch people at their greatest need.  To breathe life and hope in both creed and deed.

I will venture not only to distant land but embrace and obey the Great Command.

I will labor in hope with my neighbor in scope.

I will give my life to something greater and connect my heart to a love respirator.

I will breathe His life in and breathe His life out.

I will open my eyes to a more diverse kin and do all I can to see the Church win.

I will give all glory to Jesus, as I point people to the one who can free us.

I will leave the my ‘church seat’ and embrace the mission of Jesus and go back to the street.

Ezekiel 37 “I will make breath enter you and you will come to life”

Psalm 37 “Trust God….Do Good”

‘breathing life and hope into the world’