I am thankful that God has allowed Breathe Partners to impact a movement in Haiti and now in all of Africa.   Thankful too for the many wonderful partners and people who continue to sacrifice and believe with us in putting a Bible, a Believer and a Body of Christ in every Nation and People Group.  We continue to need your support as we aim to slay the Global Giants of Billions! …Sin, Corruption, Poverty, Disease and Education.


“breathing life and hope into the world through local church partnership”

Isaiah 42:5 “God gives breath to his people and life to those who walk with Him.”

Our Movement: 

We are a movement that believes in developing young leaders and equipping and empowering healthy churches, believing that a Believer, a Bible and a Body of Christ can be realized in every nation and people group. 

Making the Main Thing the Main Thing….And the Main Thing is RELATIONSHIPS:

Relational approach working ‘through’ the local Church

Encouragement and Equipping

Laughter and celebration

Acceptance and love

Transformational not transactional outcomes

Inspire, Inform, Involve partners

Outreach oriented

Notice and reward others when they do well

Spiritual growth and health (be a doer of the Word)

Homelike (we are a family) 

Implementation is the greatest value related to information

Promote reconciliation

Strategic Coaching and Consulting

Breathe Partners with Local Churches:  

Our goal is to set the Church up to win as we equip and empower every member to be on mission!

  • Loving God…Loving People…in that order!
  • Trusting God…Doing Good!
  • Developing Young Leaders
  • Coaching Church Health (Systems, Strategy, Structure)

INTENTIONAL DISCIPLE MAKING – Healthy Churches / The P.E.A.C.E. Plan

  • Great Commandment (Worship, Service, Relationships)
  • Great Commission (Evangelism, Mission, Fellowship, Disciple Making)
  • Great Requirement (Works, Justice, Redemption, Humility)

Our Vision:  Nationwide Movements (UNITY) of “Healthy Churches” Transforming Lives in Communities

(The PEACE Plan) and Planting Churches where none exist (Unengaged and Unreached People Groups).  


Saddleback Church / Purpose Driven / The PEACE Plan:

Ordinary people, empowered by God, doing what Jesus did, wherever they are!

Slaying the ‘global giant’ problems of billions of people!

Training Church Leaders in Haiti and All Africa in Church Health and the PEACE Plan


 School of Ministry / Anchor Christian University – Training the next wave of ministry/mission leaders while student serves on the frontline of ministry and completes their BS in Ministry and Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership.  https://breathepartners.com/schoolofministry/ 

Assist Church Expansion – helping churches in revitalization as well as new church plants.  Seeing new churches birthed and old churches restored to health.   Check out  https://assistcx.org 

Coaching and Consulting: Need a coach?  If you could do one thing that would improve your health and help you experience growth, would you do it? Studies show that good coaching increases the effectiveness of a leader by 80%.  Dan is available and equipped to serve your leadership needs as you move from good to great and into a place of health.   Contact DanO at:  dano@breathepartners.com