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Thanking God today for you.  Your prayers, support, encouragement and generosity continues to make a difference around the globe in compassion, church health and church planting.  Thank you for keeping Breathe Partners and our ministry in your hearts and prayers this coming year. 

Two things are eternal.  The Word of God and People.  We do well when we invest in both.  The ‘living and written’ Word makes all the difference in our approach.  Scripture tells us to proclaim the Gospel in ‘word and deed.’  As we serve people who need Jesus we are building deep relationships with the hope that many will come to know Jesus.  

In some of the most challenging times many have ever faced, the global Church has continued to live out its mandate to be the center of hope and healing for hurting communities.  We continue to learn that enormous power is unleashed when ordinary believers are mobilized and equipped to care for those around them. 

As the world continues to face the challenges of COVID-19 and political upheaval, the Church has new opportunities to represent Jesus to those who feel the weight of fear and insecurity.

God is continuously using his Church around the world in new ways. When the world gets darker, the Church shines brighter. Now more than ever is an opportunity for the Church to outshine the darkness and serve people in pain. Throughout the history of the church, we have shown up and demonstrated Christ’s love by moving toward people in pain. In times of high anxiety, the Church is called to dispel fear and lead with hope. Circumstances change, but our God has never changed. We are the Church, the light of the world, and the hope for the hopeless. 

The prophet Isaiah says, “spend yourselves on behalf of the poor then your light will shine like the noonday.”   This season is an opportunity to be generous as we train church leaders, church planters and equip churches to mobilize every believer to be on mission.  We need you more than ever.  

Would you consider a generous donation as we move into this NEW YEAR?

Your gift allows Breathe Partners to start new churches, provide support for healthy churches and be innovative in reaching people who are far from God.

Church Planting / Personal Evangelism / Digital Mission and Church

Dan will be stepping out and trusting the Lord for NEW PARTNERS in this new season of ministry as Dan will focus his attention on reaching the lost by training and mobilizing believers to love their neighbors and equipping church planters to start new churches.

Would you consider joining Dan’s Team?  Your donation is tax deductible.

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Mission Training:   DanO is available to walk you through the process of equipping ever believer to be on God’s Mission through the ‘Loving Your Neighbor’ model and provide you with an onramp and church planting opportunity by embracing Digital Mission and Digital Church.  

Speaking Engagements:  DanO is a passionate communicator.  If you are looking for inspiration and a communicator who will challenge and motive God’s people to carry out the mission of God, please do not hesitate to reach out.   DanO is available for seminars, retreats, conferences and preaching.


Executive Director / Digital Church Pastor

  • life/organizational coach / s.h.a.p.e. & purpose consultant
  • personal and church health pastor/coach – church multiplication
  • author/speaker/trainer/thought leader

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