BREATHE – life truisms   (part two)

dan o’deens

We don’t know when we will breathe our last breath

It is appointed unto every man to die.  Live your life today as though it were your last.

We don’t know when those we love will breathe their last breath

There really is life beyond this life.  Have you shared Jesus with those you love?  Today is the day.  Once they are gone, you don’t get a second chance.

Stuff is temporary, relationships last forever 

We are experience rich and relationally poor.  Only two things last forever, the Word of God and people.  We would do well to invest in both.

Give your life away in order to find life

If we have nothing to die for then we have nothing worth living for. When you look at your world, what ticks you off?  That is your ‘holy discontent’ use it as a platform to change your world.

Live your life before an audience of One 

If I live to please others I will forever be disappointed, there are too many people to please.  Instead adopt a simple motto…’Love God and Love People’ in that order.  He who loves first wins!

We cannot separate truth from practice

Put your money where your mouth is.  We cannot say we believe in something if our calendars and our checkbooks tell us otherwise.

Your business resume is less important than your community service calendar 

If we simply excel in the business world to accumulate riches but have given nothing to serve the young the poor and the lost in our community we may have invested in the wrong agenda.

Now is the time….’tomorrow’ never comes

Life is but a vapor.  Here today…gone tomorrow.  Today is the day…make ‘it’ happen, whatever your it is.  Make IT happen!  Now is the time!

Life is difficult for everyone…not just you

Suck it up.  You are not the only one with problems.  Seek to understand rather than trying to be understood.  You will feel better and you will help someone else get out of the rut.

Words matter, choose them wisely

It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk and remove all doubt.   Silence is a language of God I must become fluent in.  Use words that encourage and lift others up.

Choosing to be positive will lead to greater happiness

Circumstances are no excuse for being negative.  If you have nothing good to say then say nothing at all.  When words are needed, be positive.  Let no unwholesome word come out of your mouth.

Dreams without implementation are just dreams, take time to execute

A good plan ferociously executed ‘now’ is better than a perfect plan in your head on hold for ‘tomorrow.’  Ideas are a commodity for the masses, execution is reserved for leaders who will make a difference.

Time is your greatest asset…how you choose to spend it determines your legacy

There comes a time when the clutter and chaos of the world overtakes your mind and all you have left is your heart.  At this time…Choose to spend your life on behalf of others who have less than you, then you will have chosen to live real life as you Breathe your life into others who have seemingly been sapped of life itself.