You are wonderfully complex and marvelous. (Ps. 139:14).  You are God’s masterpiece and workmanship created in Christ Jesus. (Eph. 2:10).

You were created to ‘breathe life and hope into the world.’  You were uniquely made to complete your world not to compete with others.  You will work hard to make a difference in your world and others will not be quite as excited about your role. Other’s may steal your ideas and the credit you deserve.  You will find people in your life who will say good things about you and people who say bad things about you AND neither defines ‘WHO’ you are.


Most people want to be present with you in the big moments…the defining moments when you are on stage and have succeeded, but they are absent when you are in the daily grind working hard to accomplish the dream that God has burned into your soul.  They are not there offering encouragement when you are sweating it out and learning from all the mistakes you are making as you get closer to win the prize.  It’s a good reminder to us that it is important to be present and offer support at every stage of the journey.  Show up when the idea is still in the ‘pit’ not just to celebrate as you arrive at the ‘party.’

When you know who you are in Christ, and you are pursuing the passion he has burned into your heart, let nothing get in the way of your dream and vision.  You alone get to choose the voices that you will listen to.  What ‘voice’ do you choose to tune in to?  The voice of the naysayer or those who are negative and pessimistic?   Choose to tune into the ONE who created you in His image and likeness.  He is the one who has the plan for your life.  He is the ONE that gives both purpose and meaning to your life.

Choose to LIVE your life.   If you have nothing worth dying for then you may have nothing worth living for.   God has inscribed on my life and in my heart the mantra of ‘Breathing Life.’  Make no mistake, I am not nor ever have set out to build ‘my’ brand.  I am only doing my best to breathe life and hope into the world.   I am trying to live the life that God has breathed into my soul and breathe that life into those that God sets before me.

I must choose each day to be who I am in Christ and to live my life the way God directs.   Others may never understand.  I may ‘never’ get the credit, but I will have lived out His purpose through my life in my generation.