Who Is The Real G.O.A.T. ?

Who Is The Real G.O.A.T. I can’t lie…the GOAT narrative always leaves me feeling frustrated.  Who is the real GOAT?  You know it right?   Greatest Of All Time.  It is a debate that comes from the enemy.  It is not healthy and it in fact undermines the perfect creativity of God himself who designed every [...]

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Addiction to Alcohol and Drugs? The BONFIRE

Addiction to Alcohol and Drugs?  The Bonfire at Bridgeway What a privilege to be ‘present’ with the brave men and women who come each Wednesday evening to ‘the bonfire.’  You have no reason to feel alone!  There is hope and community. Are you struggling with an addiction to alcohol or drugs?  Thank you Bridgeway House [...]

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Today Is A Good Day To Do Good

YOU HAVE $86,400 Bucks in your wallet.  Someone steals $10 from you.   How upset are you?  Are you messed up enough in your head and your heart that you are willing to throw the remaining $86,390 dollars away so that you can get back at the person who robbed you?   Or do move on and [...]

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I REMEMBER – 9-11 / 22 Years Later!

Dan O’Deens - One Volunteer in New York – September 11, 2001 Reflections on the 22nd  Anniversary (2023) I will never forget.  This past month I was having a conversation with a stranger and learned he too had served as a first responder.  As we talked about that experience, we both had the same response [...]

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