four reasons why partnerships matter: Partnerships model the unity that Jesus prayed for. Unity is a sign to the Church and world that the gospel draws us together in mutual submission to Christ. Partnerships keep our egos in check because working with others brings to awareness our tendency to build our own brand rather than God's Kingdom. Partnerships expands our opportunity – When [...]

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My Cell Phone – A Prisoner No More

MY CELL PHONE - A PRISONER NO MORE! by Dan O'Deens - July 7, 2022 It’ so addicting.  If I leave home without it… I feel naked.  I feel unconnected.  Does my cell phone have that much control over me? “I have the right to do anything,” you say—but not everything is beneficial. “I have [...]

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WHAT STUDENTS NEED TODAY Dan O’Deens, May 25, 2022 I was a Children’s and Student Pastor.  I taught Youth Ministry Philosophy and Programming and trained the next wave of Youth Pastors at a College campus.  Some things do not change! Our students primarily need 2 Things: Adults present and in their lives who genuinely love [...]

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