1. To read and organize and file everyday.  To be resourceful.
  2. To pass on to others what I am learning…a river…not a reservoir….”God will give to me what flows through me.”   Keep giving it away. 
  3. Choosing to spend my life adding value to other peoples lives.   This is always a bit difficult for an “A” type personality…but the constant reminder is to be more interested than spending time trying to be interesting.
  4. To invest in God’s program called the church…especially Gateway.  I love the Church.  I love the head of the church.   I love the head and the body of Christ.  When they are working together, it is the HOPE of the World!  Christ gave his life for the church.  It’s a pleasure to give mine to the same cause.


  1. ME!  I sabotage myself.  I continue to learn that I cannot trust myself. I get in the way…way too often!  Thus why I wrote…ABS of Faith.  (www.danodeens.com) Accountability is necessary for me. Bible reading is a must…I want to ‘abide’ with Jesus.   I need Scripture memorization, for that keeps me from sin.  Ps. 119:105,111,133.