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How To Be A Winner Not A Whiner

HOW TO BE A WINNER NOT A WHINER Dan O’Deens Err on the side of being inclusive rather than exclusive.  Choose to trust people. If you give it away, it will always come back to you.  It works with love and relationship.  To be inclusive may bite you in the butt once but the return [...]

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Christ in the Covid-19 Captivity

CHRIST IN CAPTIVITY by Dan O'Deens 2020 was a year in which the entire globe was unified under a pandemic.  This was not about fear, it was about a real virus that took many lives and altered our lives. I was listening to Pastor Rick Warren and he said “we have all been affected and [...]

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SIMPLICITY  by Dan O'Deens Why do we make everything so complicated? There is so much information.  We feel like we have to explain everything and too often in one sitting. Building authentic relationship allows for better dialogue and understanding. The Lord preserves the simple.  Psalm 116:6 The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the [...]

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The SOUL of Leadership

The SOUL of Leadership by Dan O'Deens Sometimes I think it’s all about positional authority or having people who I am leading.  There are 3 levels of leadership.  I lead those who are above me. (my Board). I lead those who sit under me. (my Team). But the most difficult part of leadership is SELF-LEADERSHIP.  [...]

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