I am neither a democrat nor a republican.  I am an educated person of faith.  If I were required to name my political party I would resolve to write in one word.  AWAKE.


I have the privilege of serving in countries where poverty and corruption wins each day.  Contributing factors to poverty are lack of opportunity and lack of education.  In America we have no excuse.  We have become the United States of Entitlement.  We have lost our ethic and principle.


We are no longer ‘One Nation Under God.’  Those who call themselves Christians divide over opinions and issues when Scripture says, the world will know who our God is by our ‘love’ one for another.  Those whom God created that have not chosen to recognize their creator as Savior, are too often caught up in their fight for their rights to do that which is right in their own eyes are seemingly blinded to their primary need for community and brotherhood.   Rather than Unite we choose to Divide.   How can a Nation be United when the Church is divided?


I fear for our Great Nation.


Anarchy has been defined as a state of a society being without authorities or a governing body, and the general confusion and chaos resulting from that condition.


Corruption is a form of dishonesty and maybe even criminal activity by a person entrusted to a position of authority, in order to benefit personally from that platform.  That is the essence of entitlement.  We are all guilty.   We believe we ‘deserve’ the freedoms we hold on to but no longer are willing to pay the price for that freedom and too often forget those who laid down their lives so that we can enjoy those very freedoms.


Treason is criminal disloyalty to the state.  By definition it includes extreme acts against one’s nation or its leadership.  It includes things such as participating in a war against one’s native country or attempting to overthrow its government.


We have a ‘system’.  A system is a group of interacting or interrelated entities that form a unified whole.  It has boundaries and structure.  The United States of America was formed by a group of Fathers that I believe were given a special anointing by God himself.   They were supernaturally infused with a wisdom that only comes from God.  They provided crucial documents that included a ‘moral standard’ and they created a form of government with checks and balance.  These men were not perfect.  They  too were flawed by culture as many of them owned slaves.  In the midst of their sin and flawed human reality God entrusted them with authority and wisdom.  This humanity and divine authority is complex as we see King David…the adulterer/murderer whom God called ‘a man after His own heart’ used by God to lead the nation of Israel.   God can indeed use flawed humanity.   Why is it that we desire God’s Grace when it comes to our own sin, but we demand justice when the sin is committed by someone else?


In the end, lets remember, Daniel 4:17 that says the Most High rules the kingdom of men and gives it to whom he will and sets over it the lowliest of men.  Jesus is LORD whether we make Him Lord or not.   He ordained three institutions, The Family; The Church and Government.   Psalm 22:28 is clear that ‘dominion belongs to the Lord and He rules over the nations.


Dignity is not an American nor is it a political right.  Dignity is a God given ‘human right.’  We are all created in the image and likeness of God.   In Him we find our worth.  Dignity is the right of a person to be valued and respected for their own sake and to be treated ethically with great value.


There is no one righteous, no not one.  Technology allows the closet of every man or woman to be open.  Who will ever run for any office of leadership if perfection is the requirement.  Of course there should be wisdom in our rhetoric and conduct.  How can I cast a stone, when there is offense in my own life.  How can I judge the speck of dust in another’s eye, when there is a log in my own?


As Americans we must be better.  This chanting and name calling is nothing short of entitlement.  Our President is a human and therefore a sinner, but that should not be our first look.  He/She is first and foremost made in the image and likeness of God and he/she has been placed by a system of government that God has ordained.  He is capable of removing a person, he is also capable of redeeming desecrated space and making it sacred again.  This is ‘not’ an article of Donald Trump.   This has happened with the Clinton’s, President Obama and now President Trump.  None of this is healthy for a nation.  It is undignifying and border line treason.


As American’s lets WAKE UP.  AWAKE is our mantra.   I will pray for and support the person that God places in leadership of our Great Nation.   I will pray for him or her.


The eyes of the world are upon us.  We are still a great nation.  If we desire God’s hand of blessing, then we must align to the simplest and yet most profound statement, Love God and Love People in that Order.  LOVE IS THE KILLER APP!  When you give it away it always comes back to you.  He who LOVES first WINS!


America…Let’s get our act together.  Let’s be WINNERS not WHINERS!