Are you concerned about the unity or lack there-of that exists within the local church?  It grieves my heart to the core, it must break the heart of Jesus.

Paul wrote to the Church in Corinth with a rebuke.  He told them he heard there was disagreement and division.  People were taking sides, some followed Apollos and some Paul, others Cephas and of course the pious ones said, well fine, ‘we follow Christ.’

To follow Christ is to fight for unity.  To follow Christ is to embrace what he told us.  If we want people far from God to follow God, they will only do that when they visibly see us loving one another.


Take the log out of your own eye before pointing out the speck of dust in someone else’s eye.

James 4 is crazy good. Here is a summary:

  • what causes fighting?  the desires that battle within you
  • you desire but don’t have…we resort to kill
  • we don’t get our way, so we quarrel and fight
  • we ask God to intervene but with the wrong motives
  • we think we can friend the world (system) and remain friends with God
  • we are proud…God opposes the proud
  • SUMBIT TO GOD, resist the evil one
  • wash your hands, purify your hearts
  • humble yourselves before the Lord

Brothers and sisters, this not ‘ought to be.’   Let’s repent and turn the tide.  Let’s season this season with grace not guilt.  Let’s season this season with opportunity not opposition.

Please don’t leave this blog without clicking on this link.  Max Lucado is one of the best story tellers.  Unfortunately this was written years ago because the Church was fighting and not fellowshipping.  The Church today is still fighting.  Have we learned nothing?

READ His Amazing Chapter Called:  Life Aboard the Fellowship

How can the world be united when the Church is divided?