Addiction to Alcohol and Drugs?  The Bonfire at Bridgeway

What a privilege to be ‘present’ with the brave men and women who come each Wednesday evening to ‘the bonfire.’  You have no reason to feel alone!  There is hope and community.

Are you struggling with an addiction to alcohol or drugs?  Thank you Bridgeway House for the remarkable ministry you have to those who are brave enough to confront their addictions.  What a joy to spend time together in a circle watching many step forward with their year long coins or monthly coins and even in some cases their 24 hour coins…celebrating sobriety.

I was taken back by one woman’s testimony this Wednesday.  She said this about alcohol and drugs, “It wants us alone and it wants us dead.”

When are choices have not been good, we can confess to God and he promises forgiveness.  When we confess to men (one another) we get freedom!

Where are you friend?   You are not alone!   God is more concerned about where you are going than where you have been!