Well….Hope you will enjoy this blog. Your greatest success is dependant on the person you choose to live life in biblical community with. I want to possess spiritual ABS of Faith. I wouldn’t mind having a 6 pack in the personal abs area either…but I am confident that God is more concerned about what is on the inside than the outside.

Each week I have an ABS Partner that I meet with…(Thanks MIKE!). Mike and I are currently working on reading through the Bible in a year with “The One Year Bible.” What a fantastic resource. It’s not too late. Each day has the calendar date, an Old Testament passage, a New Testament passage, a Psalm and a Proverb.

We also love one another enough to speak into each others lives. We attempt to live authentically. Truly the only one that can keep yourself accountable is YOU….but an ABS Partner will help. It is not good that man should be alone. We are creatures of relationship. I cannot always bear the full weight of all that is going on in my life…and my ABS partner is always there to pray, encourage or even rebuke me in love with the goal of restoring my relationship to my God.

Why not invest in finding an ABS Partner. 2008 will be the year my book, ABS of FAITH is released. Watch for more information….but do not wait to begin the necessary work in your spiritual fitness program for 2008. What will you do to develop those ABS of Faith? 1Timothy 4:7