Did you watch the last 2 swim relays in the Olympics?   OK…Michael Phelps has now made history and we see his commitment to win in the individual events.  How does anyone come close?  That has to be so frustrating for his opponents.  He is setting world records every time he jumps in the pool.   

So…I am thinking!   Wouldn’t it be nice to be on his team?  To swim in a race that has already been won.  The announcer actually said at the end of the last leg when the American team obliterated the world record not by the normal tenth of a second, but by almost 5 full seconds.   He said, Even my grandmother could swim the last leg and bring home the gold.   

That is what it’s like to be on Team JESUS!   We are in a race that has already been won!   The only thing we have to do is finish the race.   I am so glad Phelps’ team mates did not take it easy.   They swam their hearts out all the way to the finish.  They made sure they swam by the rules.  We just have to give our best and we have the confidence of knowing that we will stand before the judge and win the gold medal…the winner’s wreath.  The prize of the high calling of Christ Jesus.  We will hear the words, “Well done, my faithful servant, enter into the joy of the Lord!”  

Are you on Jesus’ team?   It’s not too late.