When the church is functioning as it should be, it will approach barriers and obstacles they must get through in order to get to the NEXT level.  But, as Ed Young says, “when you get to a whole ‘nutha’ level, there is a whole ‘nutha’ devil.”   What are the 6 enemies of “unity?”

1.     Poor Communication – the right hand needs to understand what the left is doing

2.     Gossip – is degrading and destroys.  A concise definition of gossip:  When a negative is discussed with anyone who can’t help solve the problem.

3.     Unresolved Disagreements – we must create a culture where negatives are handed up and positives are handed down.  “if they can’t fix it, it’s gossip”  The leader’s intention is not to be tough and mean, but if the problem goes unresolved it will only get bigger.   A little conflict cleanses the wound before it gets infected and effects the whole body.   When it is clear that there are hurt feelings or disagreements, act quickly and decisively.

4.     Lack of Shared Purpose – Never under-estimate the importance of communicating the Vision you get from the Lord.  When leadership does not take the time to restate the goals, vision and mission, people lose sight and the ministry stagnates and focusses on the wrong things.  Stay true to the Vision that comes from the Lord.

5.     Sanctioned Incompetence – when someone is lazy it is demoralizing to the rest of the team.   When someone is not meeting the necessary expectations that other staff (paid or volunteer) are expected to accomplish it has a negative effect on the whole body.  

6.     Our enemy – SATAN! – When you feel like you are being attacked;  when the prayer list gets long;  when a large number of the body is going through personal struggles…STAY the Course!   Stay in the house…Satan is at work…trying to break up what God is doing!   Satan’s purpose is to steal, kill and destroy.   

Scripture says,  Let us focus on the things that cause unity and harmony!