Generally it’s all about me!   Oh, stop!   For you, it’s all about YOU!   Let’s do something this week that will be totally freeing.  What a great way to spend Independence Day.   Let’s sacrifice SELF, for Someone Else!   I will brainstorm a bit and give you 10 Starters.   Chime In…After you read my 10, Share Yours!

1.  If you know someone has been away on Vacation who will soon be home, go to the grocery store and get them fresh milk, bread and eggs.  Leave a note, “Welcome HOME”

2.  Something bothering you in your neighborhood?   Engage and change it!   Mow a neighbor’s yard, take in their trash cans…Help your neighbor!

3.  Send an encouragement card in the mail, (Yes, snail mail, it will cost you 44cents) to someone who has touched your families life!  Let them know!

4.  Everyone loves the movies:  Buy your favorite couple movie tickets, if you wanna go for broke throw in the popcorn and soda!   Theater popcorn ROCKS!

5.  Are you going out to eat?  Then don’t be so cheap!   Your bill is $30.  You normally offer 15% – $4.50  (for some of you that may be a stretch) – Leave your server 20% – $6 or blow them away – 25% – $7.50

6.  Offer to pray with someone after you hear them share a tough circumstance they may be going through.   If you can offer to help them in a more physical way as well.

7.  Instead of selling the stuff you could normally sell on e-bay take it to your church and set up shop, but GIVE it away to people who could really use it!   Bless others with your ‘left overs.’

8.  Go to a retirement community and sit in the lounge area and ‘visit’ with an elderly person.   Often they are lonely.  You will be serving them.   The good news, they are wise and you might be the one who comes home with greater wisdom and joy.

9.  Next time you visit a family that has children.  Resist the urge to go straight to the ‘adult’ agenda, and resist the urge to watch tv, instead ask the children if they have a favorite book that you might read to them.   Or…perhaps a favorite coloring book, that you might color ‘together.’

10.   And very simply:  The next time you have pleasant ‘thoughts’ toward someone, release those thoughts that will soon be wasted and tell the person how you were touched or how much you appreciate them or what they just said or did! Remember, “What is rewarded will be repeated.”

YOUR TURN:   How will you make someone else’s day?