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The purpose of personal coaching is to provide you with assistance in leadership, skill development, methodology, encouragement, and tools to help you accomplish your goals for the organization you lead all in the context of personal relationships.

Can you improve your effectiveness?
If you could do one thing that would improve your effectiveness by at least 64%, would you do it? Studies show that good coaching increases the effectiveness of a leader by 64% and 80%.

LAVI Coaching is Christ-centered and culturally relevant. The coach’s role is not to determine the philosophy, strategy, mission and vision of your organization, but to come alongside the client’s vision. The client’s role is to prepare for each scheduled meeting, to ask questions, seek counsel, and remain teachable.

What is coaching?
Coaching can be simply defined as…helping other people succeed. A coach is someone who will come alongside you and help you succeed at whatever your goal is. Coaching helps you clarify your goals, prioritize your activity, brainstorm possible solutions to your challenges, and holds you accountable to reaching your dreams. The premise of coaching is the belief that you are the expert on your dreams. You don’t need someone to tell you what your dreams should be or could be. A good coach would never do that.

Instead, a coach draws out of you that which is already in you. Coaching sounds easy, but really, it is an art. The art is in the listening and questioning. A good coach perceives where you are in your process and knows what impactful questions to ask you in order to move you closer to your goal.

Why You Need a Coach
You need someone that has no other agenda other than wanting you to succeed.
You need someone that is trained in asking you the right questions.
You need someone that is committed to holding you accountable.
You need an encourager along the way.
You need someone who can brainstorm with you.
You need someone that listens intently to what you are saying and what you are not saying.
You need someone that helps you refocus and stay on task.

LAVI Coaching is “situational”.
There are four types of coaching interactions which may be used as needed:

  1. Facilitator: will help you process and implement your plan
  2. Solution Giver: will offer you counsel and experience on decisions you are facing
  3. Resource Provider: will provide you with appropriate resources or experts for your special needs
  4. Catalyst: will ʻkick you into actionʼ

The Coaching Plan
The Coach and Client (and organizational team leaders if appropriate) meet for an On-Site Assessment & Strategy Planning Consultation. It is a strategic planning event working through the vision narrative, (written in advance by the client leader), LAVI Coaching will facilitate the process for the leader and or the leadership team to guide the client and team as they develop the values, mission statement, objectives, strategies, and tactics for accomplishing the mission God has given.

During the consult, the client will establish a timeline, beginning implementation plans for milestone events, and develop a plan for the launch of the new phase and direction of the organization on a path that will provide health.

The plan can also include a monthly coaching appointment, usually by phone, and a site visit after the consult, phone coaching for 1 to 1 1/2 hours per month, for encouragement, accountability, and guidance in the implementation of the strategic plan. The coach is available as needed during the month by phone.

Plans for Individual Clients:
Option 1: A regular coaching relationship with LAVI Coaching. Each coaching community will consist of…

  • 4 – 8 participants
  • Meet for 6 sessions over 2 days
  • Meet from 9:30 am – 3:30 pm
  • Include required reading, feature presentations based on best practices, and peer learning

Option 2: A regular webinar relationship with Dan OʼDeens or Justin Farrell. Each webinar coaching community consists of…

  • 1 – 10 participants
  • 2 Monthly, 1 hour webinars
  • Include required reading, feature presentations based on best practices and peer learning

WHY enlist in a “Breathe” Community?

  • Individualized and Personal
  • Tested Systems and Structures
  • Mobilizes the Plan Sooner
  • Motivates the Prospects
  • Reproduces and Replicates Organically
  • Innovative, Creative, Resourceful
  • Looking at the Future

“To be the best next generational leader you can be you must enlist the help of others. Self-evaluation is helpful, but evaluation from someone else is essential. You need a leadership coach. An effective leadership coach, observes, instructs and inspires.” Andy Stanley

Coaching Essentials:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Time Line Implementation
  • Technical & Tactical Maneuvering
  • Core Group Gathering
  • Personal Accountability
  • Networking
  • Launch Indicators
  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Stay Core Value Focused

Coaching helps you to avoid:

  • Losing the outward focus
  • Personal & marriage burnout
  • Becoming consumed by planning and preparations
  • Losing sight of the vision
  • Sloppy team leadership
  • Trying to do too many things with excellence
  • Making mistakes while leading difficult people
  • Using the same old methods to attack the same old problems
  • Missing the new generation with outdated thinking

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