WHAT LASTS FOREVER? FAITH  -  Only God can move mountains, but faith and prayer move God.  The testing of your faith produces perseverance.  Have eyes to see the best in people, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forget the awful, and a soul that never loses FAITH in GOD. HOPE – A [...]

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Justice Is Redemption

JUSTICE IS REDEMPTION Dan O’Deens (with great emphasis on what Ceasar Kalinowski has so brilliantly taught)   Christianity is not about sin management and the Good News is not just good news about your afterlife. Justice is simply not condemnation.   It is not the ‘mercy’ side of our understanding only.  It also includes Grace.  Justice [...]

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10 WAYS TO REST by Dan O’Deens   GIVE THANKS Giving always makes me feel good.   Giving thanks not only makes me feel good but adds value to others.   Giving releases negative stressors and invites positive energy.   LAUGH Laughter is still the best medicine.  I have learned to laugh with others and laugh at [...]

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A CHRISTIAN RESPONSE TO REFUGEES:  Dan O’Deens – January 29, 2017 THE WORLD IS FACING THE WORST HUMANITARIAN CRISIS OF OUR TIME….WHAT WILL WE DO?   8.7 million Syrians are predicted to be displaced within the country in 2016, and 4.8 million have sought refuge in other countries since 2011. The UNHCR’s latest figures show the crisis is [...]

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MLK DAY: Drink Justice!

DRINK JUSTICE by Dan O’Deens On the brink of another Martin Luther King, Jr. day I think it is appropriate to highlight the importance of JUSTICE. In the words of Lecrae, “I pray we don’t celebrate MLK and ignore the legacy of equality and injustice he was fighting for.” Biblical justice is about making the [...]

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