BREATHE OH BREATH of GOD by Dan O'Deens   It’s such a dark and eerie day.  The forecast is predicting a fierce storm and earthquake.  Today, the one I have become so fond of, the one who chose to move into my neighborhood is stumbling as he takes his last steps carrying what would actually [...]

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Breathe Life…dan o’deens Thoughts to consider in light of shootings, terrorism and moral decline. Today, I feel like the apostle Paul quoting from pagan philosophers on Mars Hill.  Truth is truth no matter the source. These fascinating quotes about breathing were written by Yogi Ramacharaka and published in English in 1904. “Life is absolutely dependent [...]

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JUSTICE IS REDEMPTION Dan O’Deens Christianity is not about sin management and the Good News is not just good news about your afterlife. Justice is simply not condemnation.   It is not the ‘mercy’ side of our understanding only.  It also includes Grace.  Justice is restoring the world back to its original intention.   It is the [...]

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TODAY I AM THINKING OF RACIAL DIVERSITY AND JUSTICE. DRINK JUSTICE by Dan O’Deens On the brink of another Martin Luther King, Jr. day I think it is appropriate to highlight the importance of JUSTICE. In the words of Lecrae, “I pray we don’t celebrate MLK and ignore the legacy of equality and injustice he [...]

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