HAITI’s HOPE.... Healing through Humility and Prayer Thank you for trusting and obeying the command of Jesus to GO into ALL the world to make disciples.   Is mission safe?   We have a real enemy.   He is not happy with your obedience to GO.  We should. We MUST.  If we have nothing worth dying for then we [...]

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2019 Life Planner

            2019 Ministry and Mission Action Plan  Ministry/Mission Action Plan  /   the "6 x6 x6" M.A.P. By Dan O’Deens  Goals:  What are you dreams and aspirations for 2019?   If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time.  Please use this tool to help you make the impact God desires for you.   You were [...]

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MINISTRY CAN ANNOY OR BRING JOY by Dan O'Deens   September 18, 2018 Ministry is capable of sapping the passion from your soul. Ministry can steal the joy of serving others.  Ministry can turn the optimist into a pessimist.  Ministry can leave you isolated rather than relationally whole. How can this be? Empty what is full. Fill what [...]

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