PAIN BEFORE PEACE   In my soul there is pain, but God’s presence residing in my soul provides PEACE. In my soul there is weakness, but God’s presence residing in my soul provides POWER.   JESUS...EMMANUEL...”God With Us”  He is aware and He is Able!   Psalm 30:5  The nights of crying your eyes out [...]

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AMERICAN DIGNITY and POLITICS   I am neither a democrat nor a republican.  I am an educated person of faith.  If I were required to name my political party I would resolve to write in one word.  AWAKE.   I have the privilege of serving in countries where poverty and corruption wins each day.  Contributing [...]

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Created to…Created for…

CREATED TO...CREATED FOR... by Dan O'Deens Created To Breathe Life We were spoken and shaped into existence and created on purpose to walk with God.  He desired fellowship with us and with one another. He is a Father who longs to simply be present with us and He takes delight when we love him and love [...]

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