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Are you concerned about the unity or lack there-of that exists within the local church?  It grieves my heart to the core, it must break the heart of Jesus. Paul wrote to the Church in Corinth with a rebuke.  He told them he heard there was disagreement and division.  People were taking sides, some followed [...]

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DIVISION. Can A Nation Be United When The Church Is Divided?

DIVIDED By Dan O’Deens, July 11, 2020 If the Church is divided, how can a Nation be united. “Every kingdom divided against itself is laid waste, and a divided household falls.” Luke 11:17 “I appeal to you, brothers, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree, and there be no [...]

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THE WHOLE PERSON “SOUL PARADIGM” By Dan O’Deens God is creative and although we are made in His Image, we are uniquely designed by the Master Creator. Your soul is your true self.   Your soul is made up of Heart (emotions), Body (senses), Mind (thoughts) and Spirit (Imago Dei). When we hear the term ‘wholistic’ we [...]

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How Do I Lead When I Am Tired, Weary and Feeling Alone?

Pastors, Organizational and Thought Leader’s are being challenged to lead in unprecidented times.   There are real tensions that exist today where people align to different ideas and have strong feelings that are steeply rooted in their worldview. COVID-19 Issues of Safety vs Fear and Listening to the Voice of God or Government Racial Tension – [...]

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How Can The World Be United When The Church Is Divided?

Our world is a ‘different’ world today.   We are facing unprecedented challenges on all fronts. Economic, political, cultural, and health issues are on the minds of everyone in the world. The Church is the ‘hope of the world’...when it is working right.  Jesus is still Lord and He is still the Head of the Church.  [...]

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