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MINISTRY CAN ANNOY OR BRING JOY by Dan O'Deens   September 18, 2018 Ministry is capable of sapping the passion from your soul. Ministry can steal the joy of serving others.  Ministry can turn the optimist into a pessimist.  Ministry can leave you isolated rather than relationally whole. How can this be? Empty what is full. Fill what [...]

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The RIGHT Goal – Making Healthy Decisions

dan o’deens – may 2018 There is a difference between a final goal and a performance goal.  The first is desired, the second is calculated and incremental and provides the pathway to achieve your goal.  Gage your goal against the Truth in the pages of Scripture and follow the 14 steps for a smart, pure [...]

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BREATHE OH BREATH of GOD by Dan O'Deens   It’s such a dark and eerie day.  The forecast is predicting a fierce storm and earthquake.  Today, the one I have become so fond of, the one who chose to move into my neighborhood is stumbling as he takes his last steps carrying what would actually [...]

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