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Dan O'Deens Bio PictureDan is a visionary architect. He understands leadership, creativity and has the ability to see dreams become fully implemented and multiplied. He is committed to holistically caring for people’s physical and spiritual needs. Dan’s greatest desire is to see justice and redemption played out in our world, to redeem desecrated space and make it sacred. His message is to “breathe life into the world, locally and globally” and to “stop doing wrong and to start doing justice.”

Dan has served in lead roles on the front lines of America’s greatest crisis’, 9-11 and Hurricane Katrina. Haiti’s earthquake opened the doors to see a movement of God holistically care for the country of Haiti. Dan’s passion for developing young leaders is evident in the organization that he leads. He is a life coach and speaker for churches, conferences, and seminars. His greatest desire is the success of others (especially NOW generation leaders).

Dan was the founding pastor of Gateway Church and is the founding director of CPR-3/BreathePartners. He is the president of Lavi Partners, Inc., a “business as mission” enterprise to assist the poor and eradicate malnutrition. He is the founder of the International School of Justice Bible Institute in Haiti and the founder of CompassionCorp a 3-year program preparing young adults for world mission.


Dan loves his family. He and his wife, Gay, chose to raise their children on the front lines of the mission. Dan provides great counsel to young ministers and churches in how to raise your children and engage your family in world mission and manage the tension of a changing and perverse culture. He is proud of his four adult children and their growing families.

Leadership Development

Dan’s greatest desire is the success of others as they seek to breathe life and hope into the people they
serve in both church and community settings. Dan believes the church is the hope of the world when it is
working right. His focus is on the young, the lost, and the poor.


Dan’s background and unique ministry story and journey is what gives him the experience you can tap into as a catalyst to see your vision become a reality. Those experiences include: World Mission, College Instructor, School Administrator, Chamber of Commerce President, Lead Supervisor First Responder, Church Planter, Mission Organization Founder, and Business Entrepreneur.

Strongest Passions

The Young, The Lost and the Poor
Dan’s calling as a freshman in high school to reach the youth of the world is as strong today as it was when he rst heard from the Lord. His passion and commitment to evangelism to those who suer the consequences of being materialistically, relationally, and spiritually poor is a compelling message for those he is privileged to lead.

Church Planting and Disciple Making
More people come to know Jesus by disciple making “movements” than any other form of evangelism. Dan has now been instrumental in the planting of over 25 churches worldwide. His value on giving ownership to the church in God’s command to make disciples creates the spark you are looking for in your movement.

Leadership Development and Visionary Architect
Leadership development and being a visionary architect are Dan’s greatest strength. He “sees” in others what they do not see. He takes the time to develop a dream into a plan that will be fully realized. If you are looking for your young leaders to be a part of a team who will be prepared for world mission, then CompassionCorp is for you. Dan and his ne sta will train them up and send them back to you or into the world that God is preparing.

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