A 20/20 VISION – Finding Your Purpose For Life in 2020


A 20/20 Vision – Finding Your Purpose For Life In 2020

By Dan O’Deens

I opened two gifts this morning.  They were my eyes.

This is going to be an amazing year! 2020   Remember the Johnny Nash song?  ‘I can see clearly now…the rain is gone…It’s gonna be a bright sunshiny day!  I think I can make it now…the pain is gone…Here is the rainbow I’ve been praying for…It’s gonna be a bright sunshiny day!’   My prayer is that we can take the tears of the past and present of 2019 and allow them to water the dreams of 2020 as we gain insight for all that God has for our future.

I am thinking of our issues of entitlement.  Rather than view what we have as a ‘gift from God’ we often believe that we have is the ‘right to sight.’ There is only One, according to the biblical record who restored the sight of the blind. Isaiah 35:5 predicted the ministry of Jesus as he declared, “Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened.”  Walking and working miracles surrounded by his followers, Jesus told them, “Go and tell John the things which you hear and see: the blind see… (Matt 11:4-5).  No one before or since has ever demonstrated such miraculous power.   But Jesus as He left to prepare a place for us left us with an amazing revelation.  He said, “Greater Things will you do in my name.” Jn 14:12-14

When we enter into relationship with Jesus…He gives us new vision.  JESUS transforms our viewpoint so we can see like Him—and ultimately become like Him.

  • When we are discouraged, He brings hope
  • When we are fearful, He speaks a word of faith
  • When we are hungry to know Him, He reveals more of Himself to us
  • When we are confused, He brings clarity
  • When we are critical, He shares His love for another

When we encounter Jesus we become like the blind man and respond as he did when he gave his defense, “One thing I know, I once was blind, but now I see.”  Jn 9:25

As you approach the New Year (2020) Why not see the full picture? Take a Look:


What are you grateful for?  What went wrong?  What were the obstacles you had to overcome?  What were the greatest lessons learned?


An honest evaluation is always insightful.  It is true that we cannot control the hand that we are dealt but we can play that hand to its greatest potential.  Do you know your God given SHAPE?  Have you identified your purpose for life? Take this free assessment.  https://breathepartners.com/shape/


Will you choose to focus on that which is eternal as we turn the page into the next chapter of our journey?  Only two things last forever.  1). The Word of God and 2). People.  What action steps do you need to put in place that will allow you to accomplish all that you will believe God for in 2020?

Making the Main Thing the Main Thing….And the Main Thing is RELATIONSHIPS:

Relational approach


Laughter and celebration


Transformational not transactional

Inspire, Inform, Involve partners

Outreach oriented

Notice and reward others when they do well

Spiritual growth (be a doer of the Word)

Homelike (we are a family)

Intentionally working ‘through’ the local Church

Promote reconciliation

Strategic Follow Up and Coaching

Invest Today in Your OWN Life.   Get this great deal on The Purpose Driven Life “What On Earth Am I Here For?By Best Selling Author and Pastor, Rick Warren.  PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE


WHAT IF WE BELIEVED and PARTICIPATED IN A MOVEMENT TO GET:  a BIBLE, a BELIEVER and a BODY OF CHRIST (a Church) in every community in every Nation to Every People Group?  Together we are better.  When you partner with Breathe Partners you are partnering with a great community of partners committed to FINISH the TASK, through Church Health and the PEACE PLAN.  Check out https://thepeaceplan.com


P – Planting Churches and Promoting Reconciliation

E –  Equipping Servant Leadership

A – Assisting the Poor

C – Caring for the Sick

E –  Educating the Next Generation


Join Breathe and me in our 2020 Commitment:  Make it yours!  “REACH ONE MORE FOR JESUS”  (Listen to this great Song)

You were created to BREATHE LIFE and Hope Into the World.   Let the year 2020 be the year where you create a ‘TO BE LIST’ rather than a TO DO LIST.  BE all that God created you to BE!


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